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Our Vision

Learn about the inspiration behind our project

"The vote is precious. It is sacred. It is the most powerful tool we have in a non-violent society, and we must use it."


John Lewis

These powerful words of civil rights leader John Lewis served as the inspiration for a series of presentations to elementary and middle school students on the importance of voting and the critical role it plays in our democracy. Since November 2022, the voter outreach presentations, delivered by Student Election Ambassadors, have reached 250 students in total.


Overview of Voter Outreach Presentations​

The voter outreach presentations discuss the role of elections within our democracy and how voting empowers young people to affect change in their communities. The Student Election Ambassadors encourage the students to pre-register to vote before they reach age eighteen. The students participate in a mock election activity, in which they cast votes on issues of interest to them and then receive the voting results. A member of the League of Women Voters, or another guest speaker, discusses their personal experience with voting and civic engagement. Lastly, the Student Election Ambassadors emphasize the importance of informed voting by encouraging students to research propositions and candidate positions through official Voter Information Guides and nonpartisan news sources.


A Step-by-step Guide to Delivering a Voter Outreach Presentation​

This website provides a step-by-step guide and templates for Student Election Ambassadors to deliver a voter outreach presentation to elementary and middle school students.  We hope the presentations will inspire the next generation of voters to cast their ballots and help determine the future of the country and their local communities.

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