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Use the provided resources to compile information for your presentation, and to learn more about voting, elections, and democracy.

Elections Overview

Refresh your knowledge of national, state, and local elections.

Non-Partisan News

Research California news and issues free from political bias.

Voter Information

Review the Official Voter Information guides from recent elections.

The Youth Vote

Learn about how youth are impacting change through voting.

Voter Turnout

Access voter turnout statistics from recent elections.

Voter Registration

Become officially preregistered or registered to vote in California

Election Results

Look back on the results of previous federal elections.

Polling Locations

Find your local polling place for upcoming elections.

Voting Rights

Review constitutional voting rights and responsibilities.

Poll Working

Learn how to become a poll worker in an upcoming election.

Elections Department

Visit the Marin County Elections Department Website.

League of Women Voters

Visit the Marin County League of Women Voters website.

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