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Involve Others

Enlist the expertise of guests to collaborate on your presentation.

An important segment of the "Discovering Democracy" presentation is dedicated to a compelling story about voting and democracy, given by a guest speaker. To invite others to collaborate with you on your presentation, make a copy the provided email template and customize it to fit the specifics of your event. We highly encourage you to contact members of the Marin League of Women Voters to participate and collaborate, as their expertise and insights are invaluable. You may also consider contacting community members or guest speakers from local organizations, urging them to share their personal stories about the of voting and civic engagement, or significant historical votes that have shaped our society or California history, for example. Emphasize the importance of maintaining a non-partisan approach, ensuring that students are not influenced or pressured into specific beliefs. Additionally, don't hesitate to involve fellow Student Elections Ambassadors, as a joint presentation can foster a collaborative and impactful experience for the audience. Once confirming with a guest speaker, communicate with them regarding the logistics of the event, such as the school address, time, and place to meet.

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